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Over Lamma

Over Lamma

Hike Overview:

A great family friendly hike with terrific views.  Suitable for more off road type buggies with some suspension otherwise rather bumpy for your little one.  One hill, both up and down, but a great day out with the family.  Add on Lovely Lamma for a play at Lo So Shing beach or push over for a fantastic seafood meal at Sok Kwu Wan.

  • Distance: 5km.
  • Road Surface: Paved and bumpy stone slabs.
  • Time taken: 1hr 15mins
  • Hills: One big hill. Up and down
  • No of flights of steps: 0
  • Max steps in one flight:0
  • Shade: Sparse.
  • Type: A to B.
  • Scooter/bike friendly: No
  • Start point: Yung Shue Wan ferry pier.
  • End point: Sok Kwu Wan ferry pier.
  • Facilities: Shops in Yung Shue Wan, toilets in the villages and at the beach, small shops at the beach, some locals selling drinks and ice creams along the way on busy days.  Plenty of fish restaurants at Sok Kwu Wan to end the walk.
  • Getting There: Ferry from central.
Over Lamma

The Route:

1. Exit the ferry and turn right onto the road (pedestrianised, no cars on Lamma)

Over Lamma

2.  Follow the road through the village between the shops. 

Over Lamma

3. Turn left when you reach the sign. Following it towards the beach and temple.

3. Bear left and follow the signs to the beach.

4. Stay with this path, crossing over others, follow the signs to Sok Kwu Wan (your final destination).
5. You’ll reach the Hung Shing Ye beach that has lovely views one way! (Powerstation the other way). Toilets and refreshments here.  Continue along the path behind the toilets to the far end of the beach.  This is the start of the hill.
6. Follow this path all the way. There are some steep sections so take your time.  Some sections are paved but some are uneven paving slabs, great for grip but not so good for strollers.
7. The top! A lovely pagoda and often an ice cream seller on busy days. 
8. Follow the hill down, we recommend using a stroller leash, there are a few steeper sections on the way. On the way down you will pass the right to Lo So Shing beach.  Well worth a visit but there is a large flight of stairs to get down to beach.


9. Continue down, until the t junction, where you turn left. 


10. Follow past the temple and find a lovely restaurant for a well earned dinner. 
 Warning. This walk has uneven surfaces and steep sections up and down. We would advise using an all terrain type buggy and taking extreme cation if wet.

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