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Blacks Link – Hiking in Hong Kong with a buggy
Views from Blacks Link

Blacks Link – Hiking in Hong Kong with a buggy

Hike Overview: Hiking in Hong Kong with a buggy can be a challenge but this relatively short, shady hike is great whenever you need to stay out of the sun. Some lovely views of Ocean Park, Happy Valley and Central and even finishes at a playpark for any tots (or adults) who still have some energy to run off.

  • Distance: 3.5km
  • Road Surface: Tar and concrete
  • Time taken: 50 minutes
  • Hills: Hmmm, I always think that this is flat, but it isn’t.  Nothing major, but a long gentle uphill and then down again.
  • No of flights of steps: 0
  • Max steps in one flight:0
  • Shade: Approx 90% shaded
  • Type: A to B (although you could start (park?) at the police museum and walk down Blacks link before retracing your steps)
  • Scooter/bike friendly: No traffic and the hills aren’t too crazy, although this hike definitely isn’t flat. Would be OK for older kids experienced on bikes.
  • Start point: Blacks Link
  • End point: Wanchai Gap Park & Police Museum
  • Facilities: parking at police museum, kiosk, toilets, playpark

Getting There:

  • Taxi: To Blacks Link (bo lik ging). 15 minutes from Central.
  • Bus: Any bus to Wong Nai Chung Gap. Get out at the petrol station at the top of the hill. If you came from central you will need to cross the main road to the other bus stop and head further up the hill and around to the right to see Black’s Link.
  • Car: No parking at the start of the walk, but there is limited parking at the police museum if you fancy a there and back again walk.
Blacks Link Hiking in Hong Kong Map

The Route:

1. Get the taxi driver to head up Black’s link as far as he can (admire all the nice apartments on Blacks Link itself) before getting out when the road is not accessible to traffic. If you are coming by bus you will need to walk up Blacks Link itself from the bus stop to get to the trailhead. This is the start of the hike.
Start of Blacks Link
2. This is a very straightforward hike, simply follow this road until you reach the other end. If you are ever confused, you are heading towards Wanchai Gap, but this involves no turnings off the main path.
Blacks Link
3. Hiking in Hong Kong at its best, there are great views of Central, Ocean Park and Happy Valley from here.
Views from Blacks Link
4. This is the end of the hike, a small kiosk selling drinks and snacks is available behind the pagoda, as well as toilets and the playpark.
End of Blacks Link


Warning. Hiking in Hong Kong can be dangerous for dogs! The Bowen Road dog poisoner has been known to be active on Blacks Link. Please keep your dog on a leash and be very alert.

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