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Cheung Chau Explorer – Walk in Hong Kong
Cheung Chau Loop

Cheung Chau Explorer – Walk in Hong Kong

Hike Overview: A great walk in Hong Kong and a nice day trip from the city, this walk around the car free Cheung Chau can be done in a morning followed by a leisurely lunch at one of the many seafood restaurants. If you are in need of more adventure there are pirate caves for bigger kids to explore and beaches aplenty to kick back after your exertions.

  • Distance: 8km
  • Road Surface: Paved
  • Time taken: 2.5 hours
  • Hills: Some – nothing serious
  • No of flights of steps: 0
  • Max steps in one flight:0
  • Shade: Mostly shaded
  • Type: Loop
  • Scooter/bike friendly: No traffic and the hills aren’t too crazy, although this hike definitely isn’t flat. Would be ok for experienced riders but probably a bit far to do on a scooter.
  • Start point: Cheung Chau Ferry Pier
  • End point: Cheung Chau Ferry Pier
  • Facilities: Shops and restaurants at the ferry pier, with the odd shop en route. Baby change in the public toilets in the market, at the cemetery, at the sports ground and at the beach, cafes.

Getting There:

  • Ferry: Ferries go from central pier 5 every half an hour, the walk starts directly from the ferry pier in Cheung Chau.
Cheung Chau Explorer Map

The Route:

1. Turn right off the ferry and head along the waterfront towards Sai Wan. Plenty of shops in town (Circle K, Parknshop etc.) for picking up supplies. You will also pass the Market/Municipal Services Building which houses public toilets and a reasonable baby change.
Start of Cheung Chau
2. Keep following the waterfront road (there is a slight detour off the water front but stick with Cheung Chau Sai Tai Road and you won’t go wrong) past the dragon boats to Sai Wan Village where the path leaves the water proper.
Cheung Chau Sai Tai Road
3. When you reach the village at the end of the waterfront there is a little shop on the corner on your left. To continue this hike, you need to turn left here and head up the hill on Peak Road West.
4. If you fancy a detour, instead of turning left, you can continue up the hill on the right to Cheung Po Tsai Cave (follow the signs) and the Reclining Rock where bigger kids can explore the pirate’s cave with torches. Getting the strollers to the cave might be impossible, but just before you descend to access the cave there is a nice picnic spot with toilets and a baby change which would be a nice base if you have both babies and bigger kids to entertain.
Cheung Po Tsai Cave
5. Head up Peak Road West past the care home.
Peak Road West
6. Follow Cheung Chau Peak Road West through the village.
Cheung Chau Peak Road West
7.Keep following the Cheung Chau Peak Road West, past a right turn to Pak Tso Wan, a usually deserted beach (but is only accessed by steps). You will pass through a cemetery (where there are toilets)
Cheung Chau Peak Road West
8. Turn right onto Peak Road
Peak Road Link
9. Stick with Peak Road for some time, pass through a housing estate and by a school.
Peak Road
10. Follow the signs for Peak Road and Nam Shan Wan
Peak Road and Nam Shan Wan
11. Turn right to Cheung Chau Sports Ground. This is not an easy turn to spot. Its at no 53 and slightly downhill to the right. The sports ground has a small playground and toilets.
Turn right to Cheung Chau Sports Ground
12. Turn right onto Don Bosco Road.
End of Blacks Link
13. Follow the path around until you come to this red fire hydrant. Turn left here. Continuing straight takes you to a large house and a dead end.
Left at red fire hydrant
14. You are now following a lovely coastal path with great views across to Lamma if the skies are clear.
views across to Lamma
15. Turn right at the recycling bins onto Ming Fai Road (Pass to the far side of the house on the corner before turning right).
Ming Fai Road
16. Follow the path through past an interesting tree
Cheung Chau Interesting Tree
17. Turn left onto Kwun Yam Wan Road.
Kwun Yam Wan Road
18. At the substation, bear right down to the beach (where there are toilets, and a café).
Cheung Chau Substation
19. Follow the path along the beach (there is a great little café here which is both baby and dog friendly) sitting on a rocky outcrop. It’s a great place for a cool drink after your walk.
Cheung Chau Cafe
20. The beach path soon takes you back into town where you can take your pick of seafood restaurants, and make your way slowly back to the ferry pier in time for the boat back to Central. A lovely walk in Hong Kong.
End of Cheung Chau Hike
Warning: Cheung Po Tsai Cave is dark and will require torches for exploration. Adult supervision is definitely required.

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