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Looking for a walk with the family in Hong Kong? Find a walk from the list below, showing all family friendly walks that have been added to the Stroll in the Kong site. Browse the map above, or view our summary table of all walks below. Think we are missing a good walk? Get in touch with us, we are always looking for a good new place to take the kids!

StrollLocationDistance (km)Time Taken (hrs)No of StepsDifficulty (out of 5)
Having a blast on BowenHK5202.3
Hanging with the MonkeysHK0.50.501.3
Mid to CentralHK1.10.53
From top to middleHK21.52.7
Kowloon Waterfront ParkKLN&NT2101.7
Tai Lam Forest PathsKLN&NT10304.0
Happy in the ValleyHK51.5113.2
Harbourside Scoot – CentralHK20.501.0
The Boardwalk – Repulse BayHK4.5101.7
Sunny in Sai KungKLN&NT3.5101.7
Everybody knows the PeakHK41.501.7
Blacks LinkHK3.5102.5
Life’s a beach – Gold CoastKLN&NT4.51.502.0
Kung Fu and Kulture – ShatinKLN&NT41.502.0
Avenue of stars and beyondKLN&NT41.502.0
Plover CoveKLN&NT5.51.502.3
Lovely LammaOutlying Islands31.5562.3
Look Out!! – Tai PoKLN&NT8302.7
Cheung Chau LoopOutlying Islands82.503.3
Monkey Mania – Shing Mun ReservoirKLN&NT102.504.0
Jordan Valley ParkKLN&NT10.2500.5
Tour de Tai TamHK61.503.3
Tykes in Tai KooHK2.50.7501.2
Over LammaOutlying Islands51.2503.5
Parkview to Tai TamHK4102.3
Sir Cecils StrollHK30.75Approx 1123.5
Hanging out in Hang HauKLN&NT4102.3
Trio BeachKLN&NT31Up hill on trail to the beach3
Ma On Shan waterfront walkKLN&NT4.5102.3


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