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Hanging out in Hang Hau

Hanging out in Hang Hau

Hike Overview: Scoot Hong Kong! A great walk and scoot that was suggested by one of our lovely Mums from the group walks. Take the route along the waterfront, following car-free walkways and cycle paths, to a lovely park. A fabulous walk for pushing prams but also for toddlers that need safe space to run, wobble and scoot.  Paths are newly laid and smooth, however there are signs saying no skateboards (unsure of the rules on scooters) and fines for anything other than a bicycle on the cycle lane.  When we visited it was beautifully quiet and looked great for little ones on wheels.


  • Distance: 4km
  • Road Surface: Almost totally car free, flat paths.  There are also cycle lanes along the majority of the route.
  • Time taken: 1 hr plus playing time in the parks.
  • No of flights of steps: 0
  • Max steps in one flight: 0
  • Shade: Exposed to start on the waterfront, shade on the end section and in the parks.
  • Type: A to B
  • Scooter/bike friendly: Bikes yes – but must cycle on the cycle paths.  Scooting ??? –  unsure if this will be within the rules.
  • Start point: Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station (fully accessible with lifts)
  • End point: Hang Hau MTR Station (fully accessible with lifts)
  • Facilities: Toilets, baby change and vending machines in the park.  Plenty of restaurants at the malls by Hang Hau MTR station at the end.

Getting There:

  • Parking: Metro Town car park nearby
  • Taxi: Drop off point at the MTR station
  • Bus: 694 from Sui Sai Wan; 792M to Sai Kung; 798 Sha Tin
Hanging in Hang Hau  

The Route: 

1. Exit the MTR station through exits A. 
2. The main road is on your right.  Cross over this main road and walk down King Ling Road.
3. You will meet the cycle path.  Cross over it and turn right, following the path next to the cycle path.
 4. Follow the path round to the left, walking along by the water.
5. Continue along the path, crossing the cycle lane when necessary. Continue on your route on the opposite side.
7. Cross the cycle path again, walking towards Hang Hau.
8. Walk under the underpass.
9. Turn right towards Area 47 until you reach the entrance to the park


10. Enjoy the park, don’t miss the playground. Picnics are allowed on the grass.
11. When you’re finished, take the slope out of the park (past the playground and near the large toilet block/skateboard park), following the signs to the MTR.


12. Cross the road to another, smaller, more established park (Sheung Ning Playground).  More shade from the trees on hot days and swings for the little people.
13. Walk straight through this park and take the exit behind the playground through the bicycle parking.
14. Continue through to the exit on the other side of the bicycles. This leads straight into Hang Hau MTR station.



There’s a great skateboard park here for skater boys and girls.  It can get busy with older children so best take little ones to have a go at quieter times. 

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