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Ma On Shan waterfront walk

Ma On Shan waterfront walk

Hike Overview: A great, flat, waterfront walk ending at the lovely Ma On Shan park.  It’s perfect for scooting and has a cycle track alongside the footpath for families on 2 wheels.  This leisurely walk is fully accessible by MTR and has stunning views of pat sing ling on a sunny day.  There are 2 different playgrounds to explore en route and a beach and park at the end. Ma On Shan park has lovely grassy areas for picnics and play, a library next door and a great looking outdoor swimming pool with watersides. We’ll be returning in warmer weather to walk there and back again with a picnic and a swim in the middle.

  • Distance: 4.5km (we did 9km there and back)
  • Road Surface: Pavement and paved paths   
  • Time taken: 1hr 15mins
  • Hills: None.
  • No of flights of steps: None.
  • Max steps in one flight:  0.
  • Shade: Exposed for the whole walk.
  • Type: A-B or there and back again.
  • Scooter/bike friendly: Yes
  • Start point: Tai Shui Hang MTR station.
  • End point: Ma On Shan MTR or return to Tai Shui Hang
  • Facilities: Toilets, baby change, water fountains and playgrounds along the waterfront walk.  All of these are also available at Ma On Shan park.

Getting There: 

  • MTR: Tai Shui Hang.
  • Bus: multiple options including 299 from Sai Kung, 885 from Sha Tin, 680 from Admiralty and 681 from Sheung Wan
  • Car: There are car parks in Tai Shui Hang.
Mo On Shan Waterfront Walk   The Route: 
1. Exit Tai Shui Hang MTR using exit A. Turn right at the end and take the slope up to the pavement.
2.  Go straight and turn left up Hi Tai Street. 
3. When you reach the main road, cross Hi Tai Street and the main road towards the sea. 

4. Turn right at the sea and flow the waterfront for 3.5km.
5. Walk past the park and take the left path to the beach and pier. 
6. Return to Ma On Shan Park for picnics and play.
7. Exit the park (heading away from the water) through this gate.
8. Take the slope up onto the over pass on your right.
9. Walk over the overpass and enter the shopping centre.
10. Bear left and follow the signs to the MTR,the entrance is next to the 7/11.
 Cycling. There is a great cycle track here but be warned that it is not directly accessible from the walking path so the whole family will need to cycle together.

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