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Our Story – Hiking in Hong Kong

waterfrontSince each of us popped with our beautiful bubs the hows started.  How do I get to your flat with the stroller? How can I get to central Hong Kong without carrying the buggy down the stairs? How can we still enjoy hiking in Hong Kong with a bub in tow?

We started by helping each other out with routes around our local areas.  Now we are venturing further afield reclaiming our love of hiking The Kong with our new passion, our little ones. As they grow, scootable walks are now a focus, and we aim to develop and expand this site while our kids do the same.

Please browse the site, sign up and contact us incase we have missed your favourite strolls in Hong Kong.

We hope you enjoy as much as we did.

Who we are

We are three lovely British ladies who have become friends in that very Hong Kong way, through someone who knows someone.

First up we have Sharon from Essex (yes she knows) who for a proper job does something so clever with computers I can’t actually explain it.  Needless to say she is the brains behind the beautiful website and says technical things that Charley and I smile and nod at.

Second comes Charley, our token Northener, who is accountant by day and competitive fitness woman at night.  She can be thanked (blamed) for the longer, steeper, more challenging hikes and when she’s not out pram pushing she’ll be running past you with her gorgeous beagle.

Lastly me, Rosie, another Essex girl (we swarm in packs).  I am a teacher and have this project to thank for my brain not being completely baby while on Maternity leave. I enjoy getting out and around Hong Kong and mainly do so on public transport. That can be lots of fun now with a baby and buggy in tow!

Together we have walked, pushed and chatted our way round some of Hong Kong’s best family friendly hikes and we hope you enjoy some of them too.


Your Comments

Our site is a work in progress. We would love to hear your feedback, or details about anything we have missed, or information you think is incorrect.