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Parkview to Tai Tam
Parkview to Tai Tam family walk

Parkview to Tai Tam

Hike Overview: One of the popular stroller walks in Hong Kong, this walk is downhill all the way, with easy access to Stanley for lunch.  There are plenty of stroller friendly options in Tai Tam, and with such easy access from the chaos of central, this is a nice option for island based families. Make sure you bring a stroller leash as this one is pretty steep in places.

  • Distance: 4km
  • Road Surface: Paved 
  • Time taken: 1 hour
  • Hills: Downhill only.
  • No of flights of steps: 0
  • Max steps in one flight:0
  • Shade: Some shade, very exposed in places
  • Type: A to B
  • Scooter/bike friendly: This route is too steep in parts for most scooters/cyclists, however the last km or so, is perfect (you could start at the end and head up the road until you reach the hill if you just want a scooting session!)
  • Start point: Parkview
  • End point: Tai Tam Road
  • Facilities: Toilets, BBQ pits, Parknshop at Parkview for any supplies you need, vending machine and toilets at end.  Plenty of eating and drinking options in Stanley.

Getting There: 

  • Taxi: Taxi to Parkview (hop out just at the main entrance)
  • Bus: Bus 6 (Exchange Square to Stanley Prison), 63 (North Point Ferry Pier to Stanley Prison) or 66 (Exchange Square to Stanley Plaza – Peak hours service). Get off at  “Wong Chai Nung Reservoir Park, Wong Chai Nung Gap Road” (which is the stop after Hong Kong Tennis Centre.  Unfortunately you then have to walk up the hill (cross over the road and walk round the loop back over the bridge) and head up the hill to park view.
  • Car: There is very limited Octopus parking or it is possible to park in Parkview – a $200 shop in Parknshop gets you 2hrs parking, but this might not be enough, and it is $100-$150 per hour (!!!) after that.
Parkview to Tai Tam    

The Route:

1. At the entrance to Parkview, head down the road to the left.
 Parkview to Tai Tam family walk
2.  There is a barrier preventing motorized traffic, but it’s easy enough to push the stroller around on the right hand side.  
Parkview to Tai Tam family walk 
3. Once through the barrier, it’s simply a matter of pushing down the road.  There are some toilets pretty early on, so no need to use the yucky portaloo at the start of the trail.  There is another barrier that is usually open. You are following the signs for the waterworks trail.
Parkview to Tai Tam family walk 
3. You will reach a reservoir with a couple  of options, you need to turn left and cross over this bridge.  Straight on takes you around Violet Hill, but it is definitely not stroller friendly. 
 Parkview to Tai Tam family walk
4. Once across the bridge, turn right to Tai Tam Road.
Parkview to Tai Tam family walk 
5. Turn right again onto another Dam Wall, there are usually plenty of big fish to feed here
 Parkview to Tai Tam family walk
6. Now its just a matter of heading down the hill until you reach the Tai Tam Road where there are buses or taxis to Stanley on the other side of the road.
Parkview to Tai Tam family walk 


 Warning. The Parkview to Tai Tam family walk is steep in places, we strongly recommend the use of a stroller leash

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