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Ride Safer Vest

We love getting out and about in Hong Kong, often using the MTR and buses to get us where we want to go.  Unfortunately not all of our hikes are easily accessed on public transport and sometimes a taxi is simply the best option.  Once our babies were out of the baby car seats, this was proving rather difficult as the thought of lugging a toddler car seat on a stroll (plus stroller, bubs and all the other necessary kit) really wasn’t that appealing.  The solution we have found is the ride safer vest.

The ride safer vest is a vest that your toddler can put on before getting into the taxi, it then holds the seatbelt in a sensible position, making the whole trip rather less harrowing than when they are just sitting on your lap or rattling round on the back seat.  And at around 1lb in weight, we don’t really have any issues shoving it under the stroller when walking.

We have the smallest ride safer 3 (as the height at the back is adjustable) and can definitely see us upgrading to the larger size once the little ones are larger too!  The ride safer 3 is being discontinued, so they have a sale on, if you want one you will probably need to act fast!


The only downside is that they have to be 3 years old, or 30lbs to start using it!

 We know these vests aren’t the easiest to get hold of in HK, often out of stock in sizes and colours, so we have hooked up with these guys in the US, who will deliver to HK and total cost (including shipping) is comparable to most of the HK stockists.  In the interest of full disclosure, we do get a commission from these sales if you use our links, but we hope you like us (and our website content) enough to buy through here.  This company also provide an upgrade program with a discount if you send in your old vest, so good news all round. 


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