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Walks with baby carrier

Having a baby carrier gives you access to any hikes in HK, limited only by how long your little one can manage without complaining. By default, any stroller friendly walk will also be suitable for carriers, but may not be challenging enough (or on the trail enough) for most people who were hikers in their pre-baby life! This list will be developed to include walks that aren’t too far or too challenging to be done with a carrier, but feel free to contact us with any suggestions.

Trio Beach

Trio Beach

Hike Overview: A lovely short walk with some lovely views over Hebe Haven, unfortunately it isn’t stroller friendly the entire way, but this one is perfect for test driving your carrier, and it won’t be long until our toddlers will be able to do this with only a little help.  There is ... Read More »

Sir Cecils Stroll

Sir Cecil's Ride - Stroller Friendly Walk

Hike Overview: A shortish walk with some lovely views over Hong Kong, despite being stroller friendly it feels like you are on the trails proper.  There are some more difficult sections and steps (yes, we know, not the most stroller friendly, but they are at the end only and perfectly doable ... Read More »

Over Lamma


Hike Overview: A great family friendly hike with terrific views.  Suitable for more off road type buggies with some suspension otherwise rather bumpy for your little one.  One hill, both up and down, but a great day out with the family.  Add on Lovely Lamma for a play at Lo So Shing ... Read More »

Lovely Lamma – a family friendly hike

Lo So Shing beach

Hike Overview: A family friendly hike combining a shortish walk with a lovely beach.  The hike is relatively easy, apart from the steps at the end, and the beach has plenty of soft sand for little ones to play on. Distance: 2km each way Road Surface: Mainly concrete around 100m of dirt path ... Read More »