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Exploring DB – a family walk in Discovery Bay

Exploring DB – a family walk in Discovery Bay

Hike Overview: A nice half day trip from Central, this easy family walk in Discovery Bay combines beachfront, parks, restaurants, grass and even soft play for the hot summer afternoons!

  • Distance: An easy 3km
  • Road Surface: Pavements.   
  • Time taken: 45-60 mins (plus as much picnic/playing time as you need)
  • Hills: 1 (but not crazy!)
  • No of flights of steps: 0.
  • Shade: Both shaded and exposed sections, take your hats and sunscreen.
  • Type: A-B.
  • Scooter/bike friendly: Yes
  • Start point: Ferry Pier in Discovery Bay
  • End point: North Plaza
  • Facilities: Restaurants, shops, toilets, baby change, 7-11 at both start and end points, with playgrounds en route.

Getting There: 

  • Ferry: Ferries to DB go from Central Ferry Pier #3 every half an hour.
  • MTR/Bus: It is possible to get the MTR to Sunny Bay and then a bus to Discovery Bay.
  • Car: No cars in DB, so a walk in Discovery Bay is lovely.

There are buses from the North Plaza back to the Ferry Pier as well as to Sunny Bay MTR, and red taxis are sometimes available too (but no guarantees!)

Discovery Bay  

The Route: 

1. On disembarking from the ferry and stocking up on any supplies you might need in the plaza, head away from the ferry pier and around to the right, passing the restaurants on the left, and views of the beach to the right. 
 Discovery Bay
2.  After the restaurants take a small slope down, turn right at the small bicycle parking and head along the beach side path.  
Discovery Bay 
3. At the end of the beach there is a small playground on the sand.  Not much shade though so the equipment can get very hot and hats and sunscreen are definitely in order!
 Discovery Bay 
4. Head away from the beach up a small path and then turn left on the car free road.


 Discovery bay
5. Take the first turning on the right and head up towards the “main” road.  Turn right onto it (or head up the parallel seabird lane) and enjoy the shade from the trees as you walk up the only real uphill on this stroll.


 Discovery Bay
6. As you get past the top of the hill (past yet another playground) take the right turn onto Sienna Drive, which sweeps down to the left.

 Discovery Bay
7. Follow Sienna Drive down and on the right hand side on the bend, there is an entrance to a park (down a switchback ramp), head into the park here.

 Discovery Bay
8. At the bottom of the switch back ramp, cross over the road and head under the trees into the park proper. 
 Discovery Bay
9. Make your way through the park, there is lots of grass to run on, a nice playground, fountains and fish before heading out towards the far side of the park (if you assume you enter at the bottom , head out at the top left) at the entrance to the Sienna Club.
 Discovery Bay
10. Head back up to the main road from the entrance of the Sienna Club and turn right towards the North Plaza.  The road layout is a bit strange here, you can cross to the other side and then cross back, or you can use the pedestrian walkway thingy that dips down to the right of the road, it is possible to get up the other side with a stroller, but its a funny ramp that isn’t very wide (one of our party had to balance their 3-wheeler on the front wheel to navigate it!)
11. Once over the bridge, stick with the main road, heading over the roundabout and into the plaza. Discoveryland is just here too.
 Discovery Bay


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